Though champagne is the classiest of all drinks, wine is a very important back. Though a classy gentleman will order champagne in every possible scenario, sometimes it’s just impossible.

When you go to a restaurant, you should always ask for the wine list. A lady knows that this is the sign of a classy man. Look through the list and find a bottle that is the 2nd cheapest, this will show her that you are choosing based on preference not based on being cheap. Trust me, that $3 difference will seem like nothing when you are making love later on.

It is also known that at parties and tailgate parties, women look for the men who are drinking wine. That is the easiest test to find out who is the classiest. If you are drinking beer you are not classy, unless it’s a foreign beer then you are sort of classy. If you are drinking mix drinks you are not classy unless the liquor costs more than $25 per bottle. In both cases, they have to do further research to find out if you are classy and most ladies these days are busy. They don’t have time for that. But if they see you holding a wine glass, they will know right away that you are an elegant gentleman who reads books and listens to music with your eyes closed. She doesn’t even need to know what kind of wine is in there!

Remember wine comes from classy places: France, Italy, Napa Valley, and Prison Toilets. Drinking wine associates you with these places

The only potential danger is that gay guys also drink wine, but this is not a problem since most gay guys are classy.


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  1. Kim

    Took you long enough to write a new post, jeez. That said, you are absolutely right. Only the classiest (or second-classiest) of people drink wine.

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