Framed Jerseys

small_bret_favre_jersey_mSometimes sports are not classy, like when people get really drunk at a tailgate or scalp tickets.  But that does not mean that sports are not classy.  Quite the contrary, there are many classy things about sports.

For example, if you are classy enough to have a Den in your home, then it’s a good idea to decorate it in an appropriate way.  But you can’t put up posters, those look cheap.  You need to find a way to show that you are a man of taste, but that you also like sports.  You need a framed jersey.

Step 1: Aquire a Jersey

Step 2: Put that Jersey in a Frame

Bonus Step: Get a special light to light it up so everyone can see the jersey.



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One response to “Framed Jerseys

  1. C-Mart

    It doesn’t hurt if it’s signed, like the one in the picture – adding an interesting backstory or, at least, an allusion to such a story for extra points.

    I’ve always found signed baseballs, like the one in Sandlot, to be nice, as well.

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