Ever since the days of old China, silk has been the fabric of classy people.  It is common knowledge that your level of classiness is determined by how many of your possessions are made out of silk.

As a man, you will impress every woman you see if you are wearing a silk shirt.  It is shiny which says “hey look at me,” and it’s soft so if you bump into a woman she will think “this shirt is soft and probably expensive, I bet this man knows how to treat me right.”  When the evening returns to your home she will immediately search for more silk and when she sees that your sheets are made of silk, you will make the classiest of love.

As a woman, a silk dress shows that you are smooth and classy like the dress.  Men will respect it, but also be very attracted to you.

Other classy things made out of silk: pajamas, handkerchiefs, robes,  flowers (they do not die and can be a nice way to decorate), pillows.


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