Every single classy home has a fireplace.  This is because it is much classier to warm up by burning things than by a furnace.

The classiest of fireplaces are gigantic and run on gas, that way you can turn it on with a remote control or a clapper.  If you use regular wood, it’s pretty classy but takes a lot of work and nobody looks class putting logs into a fireplace.

Since classy people don’t watch TV, they generally like to read books or make love in front of a fire.



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2 responses to “Fireplaces

  1. Stumbled onto your site via google. It’s the most entertainment/information I got out of a website in the past month. Very classy indeed.

  2. Wood Burning Fireplaces are classier than Gas. Being able to build a fire shows a woman that you have manly abilities and that you care enough to work hard to make her comfortable and feel safe. She will be won over instantly. Also, a wood fire makes for a nicer heat and provides the soothing crackling and popping that a gas cannot, making for the classiest of Chalet Get-Away experiences with your lover.

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